Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you pick up & deliver?
A. We can pick up & deliver small items and for larger we can recommend a delivery service.

Q. Do you offer sandblasting & burning services?
A: Yes we are a full service business. Just drop off and we do the rest.

Q. Can you match a paint colour?
A. To save disappointment always pick your powder colours first as wet paint can be matched to powder but not visa versa. Colorbond colours are available & custom powder colour’s can be made, however they are expensive so not economical for small jobs. Click here to view our large range of colours.

Q. Can you powder coat over powder coat?
A. Yes, we can re-coat but there are no guarantees on the finished product.

Q. Can you powder coat over paint?
A. No it needs to be chemically stripped or sandblasted, which we can also take care of.

Q. Do you have touch up paint?
A: Yes we stock an extensive range of touch up paint to match most powder colours.

Have a question we haven’t answered above?

Have a question we haven’t answered above?

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